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September 16, 2016

All welded components manufactured at MDC Gas Delivery Products are produced by our highly skilled AWS certified welding technicians. From ultra-high purity orbital tube welding in a class 100 clean room environment to manual TIG welding, and system assembly, our technicians understand the importance of their role. They take pride in their work and it’s reflected in the quality of each and every product we ship. MDC’s Welded Components team is capable of meeting the needs of customers for prototype and quick turn requirements, as well as high volume, production quantity orders. Our technicians have the skills and techniques required for welding an array of different components including valves, regulators, bellows, and purifiers.


  • Ultra High Purity Orbital Tube Welding
  • Orbital Welding up to 3”
  • Glove Box Welding
  • Precision Manual TIG Welding

Vacuum Furnace Brazing

  • Stainless Steel, Ti and other alloys
  • Intricate Assembly Brazing


  • CMM
  • Dry Helium Leak Detection 1×10-9
  • Micron CNC Particle Testing
  • Residual Moisture Analysis < 10 PPB
  • Boroscope Weld Inspection
  • Surface Finish Profilometry